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OpenNote is an online guitar instruction program designed to get you playing quickly. Our goal is to get your fingers moving and your guitar singing, instead of boring you or overloading your brain with endless details. No gimmicks—just clear, concise instruction that provides a basic foundation upon which you can build and find your own way using our comprehensive set of practice tools.

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We’re different by design

Our goal is not to be the most comprehensive guitar resource out there. There are many other guitar services out there claiming to be just that. We, on the other hand, concentrate on simplfying the process of getting you playing and having fun—at an affordable cost. Instead of charging you monthly fees for hourless on upon hours of new videos that you may never watch, we offer our program for a one-time, flat fee.

What You're Getting

For a one-time fee of $29.99, you will get access to our library of lessons and our collection of practice tools, which includes:

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Video Instruction

The reading and guesswork have been removed. You will be shown visually, along with a detailed description, how to go about implementing the information in each lesson.

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Play What You Want

No more having to play countless boring exercises, just to get to the point where you can start playing your own music.

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Chord Book & Scale Diagrams

A full online chord book for you to use. Scale diagrams for all modes and pentatonics for every root note.

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Play-along Tracks

Drum tracks in a number of tempos and styles to play along with. Jam tracks include drums, bass and rhythm guitar to help you practice your soloing in different keys and styles.

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One of the most vital tools for practicing. An interactive metronome that will allow you to practice staying on beat at different tempos.

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Q & A

Answers to all the questions you already have, and will have, as you start playing. If something isn't clear enough for you in a lesson, then ask a question and you will get an answer.

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Practice Exercises

A number of exercises to get your feet under you for all lessons. Use these to get a firm grasp on the content of the lessons, if need be, before playing what you hear and feel in your head.

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Content Updates

Be it new exercises, lessons, or jam tracks, there will be fresh content added for you to continue your development.

A taste of what’s inside

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$29.99 / One-Time Fee

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